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Just wanted to let you know that we miss you at the Diamond. I was surprised when we went in and you all were not there
– Susy

Used to come enjoy your shows at Dazzling Diamond, you have some pix up on your site from when my nephew came home from Iraq. Miss you and we'll cross paths soon I'm sure.
- Big Bob

Big D, Little D and Gopher, thanks for the job well done. Everyone complimented us on our choice and said you were great. We will definitely recommend you!
- Charles and Shirley Flora

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I realize that some people will think that I am prejudiced since I am "Lil D's" mother, however I've always told things the way they are. I have been a regular at most of the non-private shows and can honestly say that everyone has a blast. When the patrons ask for a song, they usually pull it up. Once in awhile someone might request a song that isn't in their enormous selection so Big D or Lil D will write it down and have it by the next show! Although there are some songs that haven't been transfered to Karaoke tracks, in these cases they add it to their MP3s.

As the proprioters of Masquerade [Riley] DJ & Karaoke Productions, both are extremely professional, personable and friendly; as are all of their DJs and KJs. They love having fun and can take a joke with the best of them, they can also give it back. They take care to make sure that the patrons have a wonderful time. The "Grab Bag" is filled with tokens of appreciation, always suitable for that show, some are gag gifts, some useable, some just down right funny! For the first timers who've never sang Karaoke, they have a really special gift.

If you are looking for a truly fun evening, then come on out to one of their wonderful music filled nights. You don't have to be a singer to enjoy it, besides if you have stage fright, there is always someone to sing with you. You can get a glas [or bottle] of "Karaoke Courage Juice" to help ease your fear.

Hope to see you real soon! Until then, please be safe, we really do "need your butts in our seats!"
- with love, "Karaoke Mom"